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Lately I started using Cheat engine to edit the value in the memory of a 3rd party process. I'd like to know how it can be done with java. [I am new to this, sorry if I didn't express myself right]

Example : The memory address of a process that I want to change its value is 00514200 (that's what cheat engine shows me) how do I do this with java instead of cheat engine?

Thanks allot :)

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What you're aiming to do is a highly platform-dependent task and consequently Java has no built-in methods to do this. Since you say you're new to this, this may not be the simplest thing to start working on, but if you must do it, have a look at the Java Native Access library -- you can use JNA to call Win32 functions that can do this task for you. Specifically, the WriteProcessMemory API call allows you to modify the contents of another process' memory.

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