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Why is my mod_rewrite doing this?

add path info postfix: /home/mobelluk/public_html/about.php -> /home/mobelluk/public_html/about.php/

which results in an unwanted trailing slash on EVERYTHING.

I have disabled all my .htaccess rules so they're out of the equation.

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Is it possible the new server has mod_dir loaded, with DirectorySlash On where the old one did not and that is leading to this problem?

(Note that DirectorySlash On is the default if mod_dir is loaded and nothing is overriding it)

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I tried that, but checking my log file shows that it makes no difference if its on or off. Many thanks however. – Chris J Allen Jan 14 '09 at 9:56

apparently there's been an issue with mod_rewrite re-appending post-fix part in certain cases

The problem:

If multiple RewriteRules within a .htaccess file match, unwanted copies of PATH_INFO may accumulate at the end of the URI.

If you are on Apache 2.2.12 or later, you can use the DPI flag to prevent this

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