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Does anyone know a good metrics plugin for Eclipse that works with C++ ?

I'm looking for lines of code mainly. Thanks.

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There's the open source Eclipse Metrics plugin, but i personally prefer ProjectCodeMeter which integrates with eclipse as external metrics tool.

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I installed the plug-in in my Eclipse Juno (3.8.1) and the Metrics panel only showed up for a Java project, not with a CDT-based project. ProjectCodeMeter is Windows-only and its "integration" with Eclipse is limited to running itself as an external program, which is not really integrated. –  anol Apr 29 at 8:22

As far as i know there is no code metrics plugin for C++/CDT, but you can use cccc

But i guess you already knew about it :)

Good luck!

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There is now in Eclipse 3.7 Indigo the Codan plugin, but I don't know if it counts lines of code.

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We have been working on an Eclipse plug-in called metriculator. Its still under development but some major metrics (e.g. LSLOC, McCabe, EfferentCoupling) are already implemented.

See for more details.

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Nice integration with Eclipse, but ignores .c files. –  doughgle Sep 17 '13 at 4:55

Eclipse Metrics is very powerful but only works for Java unfortunately.
Project Code Meter is a professional, comprehensive, but also expensive tool.
cccc is an awful, hacked command line tool for Windows only.
However Code Analyzer is a simple, free graphics tool that works great with C and C++.

It took a look at the help to get started though, you need to:

  • select and extension set from the Tools->Extension Set->Select menu (I chose the C set)
  • right click on the "New" Code Set icon and do "Add Branch", then navigate to your source root folder
  • click run, and here you go:

enter image description here

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