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Context: SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC 2.0

I have table that lists forum topics.


I have a special forum topic that I use as a home-page "news" list. Such that message from that forum topic are listed as news.

Now I need somehow to indicate which forum topic is the news.

Here are some options:

Add another column called |IsNewsForumTopic|, but this feels an overkill, since other 10000 forum topics will always have set it to false.

Store news-forum-topic in web.config and do select based on that (don't like this approach also).

Use a database global variable in form of a storproc with NewsForumTopicId hardcoded.

Create NewsForumTopics table and manually add single record in there:

| 1174           |

I like this approach the most.

  1. it doesn't take DB specific information out of the DB.
  2. Doesn't affect big ForumTopics table.
  3. I can add another column |SpecialType| enum-column later to maybe have a separate forum-topic for news, updates, and bug fixes.

Please criticize and/or suggest.

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you should go with that approach as it's also the one i'd chose –  Dan D. Dec 8 '10 at 23:37

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This is a situation where, no matter how you look at it, you need a hard-coded value in your system. Key questions here are:

  • How likely is it to change over time?
  • How bad is it if it gets mis-set somehow? (Bad configuration, or you get hacked)

I generally store such values in the database as per your NewsForumTopics table, but I would not do that for data that should never change. If that is the case, either hard-coding it in a stored procedure or burying it in a application config file seems wisest.

(And then there's the question "how to prevent some joker from ever deleting that one special entry", but that's a security issue to ask in your next SO question.)

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It is unlikely to change after initial installation. If it is misconfigured wrong news be shown - no damage. –  THX-1138 Dec 9 '10 at 2:27

Er, how about a special Author? AuthorId = -1 or AuthorName = 'news_bot'. No schema changes involved.

If it is not too late in the project, you may also consider:

alt text

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Won't this just shift the problem from "how do I mark forum-topic as special?" to "how do I mark author as special?" –  THX-1138 Dec 9 '10 at 2:28
@user93422, well every author is kind of special -- each has their own special name. Anyway, it seems that I do not fully understand the problem here. –  Damir Sudarevic Dec 9 '10 at 12:27
when I say "special" in the context of the question it means "one corresponding to news page content". So if I do use magic Author to find news-forum-topic, then question is how do I decide which Author to use? Do I hard-code 'news_bot' in code? in web.config? or in stored proc.? or I could as well create a special forum-topic with subject "###news_bot"...except indexing subject makes less sense than indexing author name. So you might have a point here after all. –  THX-1138 Dec 9 '10 at 17:12

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