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I am working on a Rails 2.3 application and would like to refactor some of my static assets (JS, CSS) into a separate gem. The problem is that Rails 2.3 engines don't have the support for public directories that Rails 3 engines do, so the only way to access these files from the app is to copy them over.

One thought I had was to use some sort of "afterBundle" hook of some sort that I could use to automatically copy the assets after "bundle install" completes. I took a look at Bundler's documentation and source and didn't find anything like what I'm thinking. How have others solved this problem?

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One issue in using Bundler is that there are now two install paths for you gem, gem install and bundle install. Even if you do hack a Bundler post install action to Bundler it won't run if some one does gem install. One solution is to make the gemspec relatively empty, example:


Then simulate a post install hook for gem install, which in fact invokes bundle install:


With this work around you can add your post install actions after bundle install is run.

However, by adding the post install steps to gem install you have re-introduced the opening problem - two different install paths, just that now gem install does more (the post install steps) than bundle install does.

See also: http://blog.costan.us/2008/11/post-install-post-update-scripts-for.html

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