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I am always looking for ways to be a more effective and efficient programmer. Two things that I found help me be more efficient are:

  1. Use Firefox keywords to quickly search I find that stackoverflow often has the answers I need. Finding answers quickly makes me a much more effective programmer. Without taking my hands off the keyboard I can search stackoverflow. Ctrl+L gets me to the address bar, then I just type "so ". That's it! Just bookmark, then in the bookmark's properties change the name to "Search Stack Overflow", change the address to "", and change the keyword to "so".
  2. Always question whether the problem you're trying to solve is really necessary. A couple of times I spent time writing code only to realize that a simplifying assumption made that code unnecessary. The best way to save time is to avoid spending it in the first place!

So, what are your best programming productivity tips?

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Not a programming questions but i find it useful, so the community can share their good practices, as for me:

  • Focus on the job
  • Analyse the problem, then build/construct your program or module
  • Keep distractions away, like social networks, IM, surfing other Websites (except research needed), even email.
  • Destinate an hour of recreation or to rest, usually after lunch.
  • Use debug tools
  • Find a good development enviroment tool (IDE) and their plugins and extensions to speed up your coding, do try to be a though guy trying to code with notepad and think you are cool, the business demans fast, efficient and effective development.
  • Build your personal working enviroment if possible, listen to music you like and that sort of stuff, it is important that you feel comfortable with your place you work at and the tools you work with.

I could think of more, but generally i could say that

Hope this helps!

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In addition to above great answers one thing is start memorizing things you commonly use. Memorize table names, column names, common functions. Then you don't hv to look them up in source browser. Memorize flags of common commands.

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Your time will be much better spent understanding rather than memorizing. – Keith Flower Aug 4 '13 at 3:12

If you are using java, this simple greasemonkey script is amazing. Knowing your IDE is a must. Use build tools (like Ant or Maven). Use existing libraries whenever possible (for perl CPAN, for java Maven...). Stay on top of new tech. Conventions are useful, not only for maintainability, but for general understanding. The ability to refactor can save you a ton of time (if you stop thinking about the right name for something and just know you can rename it later). When stuck, get up, walk away, hit the gym, and come back later.

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As a general productivity tip that is not just related to programming, use a 60 minute kitchen timer to set a fixed amount of time in which you concentrate on the task at hand. This has two benefits:

  1. Focussing for a fixed period of time is less daunting than having a huge pile of stuff to do.

  2. At the end of the period you have to take a break in order to reset the timer.

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