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What are some new and exciting programming languages? I have already looked at ruby and python. Are there any other languages out there

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Should be on – Cameron Skinner Dec 9 '10 at 2:07
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  • atomo - Erlang-style message passing on Haskell's runtime
  • ANI - dataflow programming
  • CoffeeScript - a "little language" that compiles to JavaScript
  • Go - Google's systems language
  • Clojure - Lisp on the JVM
  • F# - OCaml on CLR/.NET
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I have heard of F#. Don't know if it is exciting though.

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LOLCODE is pretty new.

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good grief no! ;) – Mark Mayo Dec 9 '10 at 16:28

Go, developed by Google, for one... :)

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I would put in there Silverlight, not a language but kinda new and kinda exciting. It is something to learn.

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(Both are, unlike the aforementioned Python and Ruby, inventions that were not created in a prior millennium. :-)

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  • Cross compiles to JVM, CLR, or JavaScript.
  • Optional dynamic typing.
  • Object Oriented / Functional Programming
  • Built-in Actor Model Concurrency
  • Built-in JSON serialization
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I think Mozilla's Rust will have good impact.

There is also Erlang. It's kinda old but its good.

R is great for statistics analysis.

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