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I want to bind static class function to lua. As you know, static class function is something difference with class function. So function call code in lua should be like this...

lua_tinker::def(L, "Foo_Func", &Foo::Func);


But I want to call function in lua like this


Is there any way to use like that? Lua table might be helpful. But I cannot find any references.

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Yes, that would be done with a table and is in fact how most modules work when you import them with require.

Foo = {} -- make a table called 'Foo'
Foo.Func = function() -- create a 'Func' function in stored in the table
    print 'foo' -- do something
Foo.Func() -- call the function
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Remember that if you declared: Foo.Func = function(this) ... end you can call it: Foo:Func() ( notice the ':' ) , this will pass the Foo table as the first function parameter too. –  Goles Jun 20 '11 at 18:20

I think you'll find PiL chapter 26.2 most interesting. If you compile your library to the same name as the table (so filename == modulename) then you can simply require() the module.

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