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Am doing RoR dev work for a client, who like other posters on here have also experienced, want to host on their godaddy acct. See: Mod_rewrite with godaddy

My question is: who has got RoR running in an aliased domain hosted on GoDaddy - and is still alive to tell the tale? I can't past "internal server error" messages and the server error logs show me nothing. I suspect it's something to do w/ .htaccess file and my rewrite rules but can't be sure.

any pointers besides "avoid godaddy like the plague?"

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The first thing I would ask is: have you got it to the point where you can run your server with Webrick? Before you can get to Apache at all, you'd need to make sure all the requirements for your app are there, and that you can get it to respond to requests. Troubleshooting Apache adds a layer of complexity that can really get in the way of debugging.

My next question is: how are you planning on running your Rails app on GoDaddy? That is: what application server are you going to use: Phusion Passenger, Unicorn, Mongrel? Apache doesn't know what to do with Rails by itself, and you need to give it some way to pass requests from the web to your application and back.

I apologize in advance if these aren't useful questions at the stage you're at. I'll ask better questions when I've got a little more info. One step at a time. :)

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