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I've got following html code:

<div id='list'>

And I have following jQuery script:

function append_list(){
  $('ul').append('<li><input type="image" name="original" value="'+SOMEVALUE+'"></li>');

function find_input(){
  //some code to find the just appended input element.


And when I look into my browser console, the output of console.log was just an empty array "[]", But if I input console.log($('input')); in my browser console after page loaded, it can feedback with correct data... Did I do anything bad with .append() function?

Thank you for your help.

Thanks guys, I'd like to add something to my question. I've tried your suggestion to setTimeout(); but still can't find input element I've appended. I've also add console.log($('input)); into function append_list(); also no help... Now I'm stacked here :-(

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Your use of the append function looks fine. The problem is that console.log is running before append_list() gets a chance to finish. What are you trying to accomplish here? –  Bryan Downing Dec 9 '10 at 2:46
Hello @Bryan, I idea was after append_list(); finished, I will get en array of $('input[name="original"]'), then I can call for example $('input[name="original"]')[1].value, to get the value for later use. –  Daniel Chen Dec 9 '10 at 4:41

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You should setup a callback function.

Check out: http://jsfiddle.net/bryandowning/4mS9L/

function append_list(someval, callback){

    //save a reference to the element you are appending
    var $element = $('<li><input type="text" name="original" value="'+someval+'"></li>');

    //append it to the list

    //if a callback function was provided, execute it.        
    if(arguments.length === 2){
        //pass the callback function the saved reference to the appended element

//this is the callback function
function find_input(item){
    var $input = item.find("input");

    $input.after("The value of the input element is: " + $input.val());

    //example with the callback provided
    append_list("First Element", find_input);

    //example without the callback provided
    append_list("Second Element");

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I find it odd that append_list() doesn't complete before console.log... which is what some are suggesting, but I'm stumped to find another reason.

However, you can guarantee a reference to your input like this:

function append_list() {
   return $('<li><input type="image" name="original" value="'+SOMEVALUE+'"></li>')

The value returned from append_list() is now directly referencing the input that you created, rather than searching the document for it from scratch.

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This is the correct way to get a reference to a newly created object, although I would return a reference to the <li> element instead of the input element, then you can use it accordingly –  David Dec 9 '10 at 3:24
@David - Agreed, I'd return the <li> too, but just trying to simplify it for the question. –  Box9 Dec 9 '10 at 3:28

Try giving the list an id:

<ul id='myul'></ul>

and then

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Well, it should find it... try allowing it to "breath"...

setTimeout(find_input, 1);
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It looks like console.log is running before the UI changes are completed, and that's why it's not finding the added elements. If you use setTimout with 1 ms delay will force the execution of the following code to be delayed until the UI changes are completed, which should then give the right result.

setTimeout(function() {
}, 1);
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