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I am using datatables. ( http://datatables.net/ ) I have created a table. There is a height problem I am struggling to change. I checked the table size with firebug. The table height is set 302px by default. I could not find how to change.I tried to change css unsuccessfully. I appreciate, if anyone helps.

from firebug:

.dataTables_wrapper {
    clear: both;
    min-height: 302px;
    position: relative;

Thanks in advance.. Ozlem

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@user , are you using jquery ??? –  kobe Dec 9 '10 at 3:59
yes I am. can you give me a sample code? –  user403295 Dec 9 '10 at 4:41
@user , i gave some reference code// –  kobe Dec 9 '10 at 5:00
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// you can set the any css property through .css like below

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this was the answer. I am writing for the ones who experienced the same problem: even if you are using the id and it is not happening, double check the id with FireBug..I was trying to use 'dataTables_wrapper' as id, however the id was a kind of renamed by the API table that I used. it was like data_rulesTables_wrapper or sth similar. Thanks to gov again... –  user403295 Dec 25 '10 at 15:05
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Add px after 200.


Hope it saves somebody 10 seconds.

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