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I am creating a webpage in html with php.

I want the user to be able to click on a small icon image. When the icon is clicked a preview of a larger image appears.

Guessing the solution probably involves javascript or flash. Can you point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you want a Lightbox?

A Lightbox allows you to have thumbnails of images on your page and when a user clicks on them, the larger image will popup in the middle of the screen. It's very common.

If what you are really looking for is a show/hide effect, you could use JavaScript to show the larger image if the user clicks on the smaller image. A JavaScript library like jQuery or YUI will make it very easy.

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If you're doing it in php, then may as well use GD to do it for you.

Here's an excellent article to get you started:

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