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I'm having a javascript issue that's driving me completely insane. I have a collection of data that I'm iterating over using the jQuery .each() method. Inside the .each() callback function, I'm pushing data on the an array. Here's the code.

var p = procedure_tool.all();
previousValue = -1;
var proceduresArray = [];
p.each(function(d, proceduresArray) {

I've also tried making the proceduresArray global (no var in front), and then trying not to pass it through the anonymous function.

var p = procedure_tool.all();
previousValue = -1;
proceduresArray = [];
p.each(function(d) {

The data does exist (alerts inside the callback display it fine). Any ideas? I feel like it's a scope issue, but I figure that globalizing the array would have fixed it.


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Two things,

1- You don't need to pass the proceduresArray to the anonymous function. 2- The anonymous function in .each() is passed 2 things. The first is the index of the element and the second is the element. I.e. callback(indexInArray, valueOfElement) http://

This should work just fine:

var p = procedure_tool.all();
previousValue = -1;
var proceduresArray = [];
p.each(function(i, d) {

Another example:

var p = $('div');
var pArray = [];

p.each(function(i, el)


Keep in mind the value can also be accessed using this within the anonymous function.

  • Christian
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While this didn't solve my problem directly, it did highlight another oversight. I was using the .each() iterator (which is generally used for DOM elements) instead of jQuery.each() iterator which is meant to iterate over any object. – Jack Slingerland Dec 9 '10 at 11:17

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