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I have a simple form with email & password. I want to show the submit button once BOTH the email & password are valid. My thoughts were when I run my handleValidator function I can check some sort of value of the "valid" property for email & "valid" property of pass. How do I access the valid property of an item?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Application xmlns:fx="" 
    private function handleValidator ( eventObj:ValidationResultEvent ):void {

        if( eventObj.type==ValidationResultEvent.VALID
                          // what goes here?????
                          //  && emailValidator.valid = true ?????
                          //  && passValidator.valid = true  ??????

            submit.visible = true;
        else {
            submit.visible = false;



    <mx:EmailValidator id="emailValidator" source="{email}" property="text"
                       trigger="{email}" triggerEvent="change"
                       valid="handleValidator(event)" invalid="handleValidator(event)"
    <mx:StringValidator id="passValidator" source="{pass}" property="text"
                        trigger="{pass}" triggerEvent="change"
                        valid="handleValidator(event)" invalid="handleValidator(event)"
                        minLength="5" maxLength="10"

<s:TextInput id="email" />
<s:TextInput id="pass" />
<s:Button id="submit" visible="false" />

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Try with something like this. First put your validators into an array:

<mx:Array id="validators">
    <mx:EmailValidator id="emailValidator" source="{email}" property="text">

    <mx:StringValidator id="passValidator" source="{pass}" property="text"
        minLength="5" maxLength="10"/>

Add change event handler to both your inputs:

<s:TextInput id="email" change="validate()"/>
<s:TextInput id="pass" change="validate()"/>

Handler will trigger validation:

private function validate():void{
    //validate both your inputs simultaneously
    var errors:Array = Validator.validateAll(validators);
    if (errors.length>0){
        //hide submit button
        //show submit button

And that's all.

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very nice & very streamlined. I'd give you extra points if I could – llamawithabowlcut Dec 10 '10 at 1:28
When adopting for Flex 4.x. you have to use <fx:Array> tag otherwise you'll get a "cannot resolve to a component" error. Also, it's not mentioned above but to use the Validator function you need to add: import mx.validators.Validator; Nice answer though. – ggkmath May 12 '12 at 16:34

I would also go with 2DH for validation, also you can look into following two posts, which I often refer to when it comes to validation.

This explains the same technique given by 2DH


this one adds a little more functionality for showing error tool tips in a better way.

Hope that helps.

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in handleValidator , check the event.currentTarget id to find out whether the email or the password has been validated. React accordingly, namely if the email or password is valid, increment a variable , if not valid , dispatch some form of error message to the user.

If both fields are valid, your variable should be equal to the number of fields being validated ( provided that the default value for the variable was 0 ) , you can then show your submit button.

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