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I need to add values to a listbox in zkoss using java - I mean dynamic values.

I have an zul like this

<window id="win_1" use="com.test.tets">
    <listbox id="a">
            <listheader label="Name"   />
            <listheader label="Age"   />
            <listheader label="Sex"   />
        <listitem id="i">        

I need to add values from mysql db to this listbox. How can I do that?

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2 Answers

You can use Listmodel to do so, please refer to this article - Using a ListModel adn ListitemRenderer

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you can use listmodel list, example :

    yourListBox.setModel(new ListModelList<BeanClass>(beanDao.findAll()));
    yourListBox.setItemRenderer(new ListItemRenderer<BeanClass>) {

        public void render(Listitem item, BeanClass data, int index) throws Exception {
            Listcell cell = new Listcell();
            cell.appendChild(new Label(data.getFoo()));
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