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I have a code that shows a different image depending where on the page I am, but some places don't have an image so it displays a "no image" icon. I want to add a condition that checks if there really is an image in the given path and if returns false don't do anything. I have no idea how to do it.

This is the original code:


if ($first=="#"){
      echo "<html>";
      echo "<img src='".substr(get_search_query(), 1). ".jpg'>";

What I need to know is which function do I use to get a true/false of that image path. Thanks

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Use file_exists

$image_path = 'Imagenes/grupos/' . substr(get_search_query(), 1) . '.jpg';

if (file_exists($image_path)) {
    echo "<img src='".substr(get_search_query(), 1). ".jpg'>";
} else {
    echo "No image";

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Thanks a lot this works perfectly. –  lisovaccaro Dec 9 '10 at 7:19

You can use file_exists

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