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Does anybody know of a restaurant ordering system created in Ruby on Rails? Basically an eCommerce, but geared towards restaurants. Preferably in Rails3 but not a requirement.

I'd like to be able to choose items from an online menu of different foods, and then place an order online. Does anything like this exist? (commercial or not, but preferably not).


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You will have to develop or customize an existing project. Maybe you can use an e-commerce solution like Spree, depending on your requirements.

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Here's one restaurant ordering system online - GrubHub

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Spree didn't seem quite right for a restaurant. It could probably be stripped and you could use the user account and online ordering system. Then just create a few restaurant MVC's.

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You can customize Spree to create a food ordering system. If you are looking at a solution, Infigic has created some extensions around the same

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