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Already import the weakreference but the compiler cannot find the symbol, what wrong? There a memory leak in I thought weakreference might free after used?

import java.lang.ref.WeakReference;

Receiver r = new DumpReceiver(System.out);
WeakReference<Receiver> wr = new WeakReference<DumpReceiver>(r); cannot find symbol
symbol  : constructor WeakReference(javax.sound.midi.Receiver)
location: class java.lang.ref.WeakReference<DumpReceiver>
                WeakReference<Receiver> wr = new WeakReference<DumpReceiver>(r);

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Look closely at the error message. It's not talking about the class (it's finding that just fine). It is talking about the constructor. It doesn't find a constructor that takes a javax.sound.midi.Receiver argument on the type WeakReference<DumpReceiver>. Looking at the JavaDoc of WeakReference<T> there is one constructor that takes an argument of type T.

You're trying to create a WeakReference<DumpReceiver> but try to pass in an object of type javax.sound.midi.Receiver. You either need to create a WeakReference<Receiver> instead or change the variable r to be of type DumpReceiver.

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I agree (+1). This is the kind of thing that an IDE tells you. – Sean Patrick Floyd Dec 9 '10 at 8:24
Yeah, being actionscript developer, I still has lot to learn but found it is not this problem that caused memory leak. I wonder who can spent time to read my MIDI code? – Proyb2 Dec 9 '10 at 8:28
I meant I have found one function that keep increasing memory after dump MIDI code to the console, if you like to look at it? – Proyb2 Dec 9 '10 at 8:31
@user217582 - try one of the rentacoder sites ... – Stephen C Dec 9 '10 at 9:33
@user217582: if you have a new question start a new topic. – EJP Dec 9 '10 at 10:47

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