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Using ANTLR I am trying to create a very simple IDL-style grammar. Here is what I have so far.

grammar idl;

 : 'DataType' ID LCURLY attribute_list RCURLY

 : 'public'

 : 'byte'
 | 'short'
 | 'int'
 | 'float'
 | 'double'

 : modifier primitive ID END

 : attribute+

ID  : ('a'..'z'|'A'..'Z'|'_') ('a'..'z'|'A'..'Z'|'0'..'9'|'_')*

    :   '//' ~('\n'|'\r')* '\r'? '\n' {$channel=HIDDEN;}
    |   '/*' ( options {greedy=false;} : . )* '*/' {$channel=HIDDEN;}

WS  :   ( ' '
        | '\t'
        | '\r'
        | '\n'
        ) {$channel=HIDDEN;}

LCURLY  : '{'

RCURLY  : '}'

END : ';'

This does not seem to work when I run the debugger over 'data_type' however. It just halts when it reaches the 'attribute_list'. Changing 'attribute_list' to just 'attribute' works fine but obviously I want one-or-more attributes, not just one.


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running a manual test with the input string "DataType fooId { public int x; public byte y; }" produces the expected parse tree. What is your test input? And why have you defined modifier and primitive as parser rules? They are better suited as lexer rules instead. – Bart Kiers Dec 9 '10 at 13:15
Bart... Thank for the response. It's quite odd. I have run this exact input string against the grammar many times in debug. As I step through the parsing it consistently stops once it enters into any form of recursion (i.e. attribute+). As for why I have defined modifier and primitive as parser rules... I have no good reason for this. – S73417H Dec 11 '10 at 10:19
An update here. I threw all of this into a java project and ran the generated parser over the input string. Everything parses fine. So, I guess that my issue is either related to me using the ANTLRWorks debug tool incorrectly or there is a legitimate bug with it? More than likely that the former is true I'm sure. Thanks for the help though Bart. – S73417H Dec 11 '10 at 12:03
either a bug or not using the debugger from ANTLRWorks properly, I can't help you with it since I don't use ANTLRWorks. I suggest you post a message to the ANTLR mailing list. Good luck! – Bart Kiers Dec 11 '10 at 15:36

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