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We came across the following situation.

Please note that I know reserved words should not be used for table names, but I'm asking the question anyway out of curiosity more than anything.

We are using Spring + Hibernate to manage our database. I am adding a new model to the database called Group. So, I define my model as:

@Table(name = "group")
public class Group {

Now, the problem is, when recreating the tables, the SQL that gets generated looks as follows:

create table group (...)

This unfortunately is not allowed in MySQL since group is a reserved word. The correct SQL should be:

create table `group`(...)

Is there any way for me to do this?

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You can force Hibernate to escape identifiers by doing this:


Basically, you can quote them yourself, and then Hibernate will use the appropriate quoting technique according to the dialect

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You could try to implement your own org.hibernate.cfg.NamingStrategy, which add the backticks to all tables. -- But I am sure that this abuse the NamingStrategy class.

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