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I know this might be silly question and i tried googling but didnt got perfect answer.

I am using following code

<c:forEach var="aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics" items="${batchProgressMetricsList}">  
    <jsp:include page="html/tableContentsDisplayer.jsp">  
        <jsp:param name="batchProgressMetrics" value="${aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics}" />

and inside html/tableContentsDisplayer.jsp, i have following

<c:set var="aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics">${param.batchProgressMetrics}</c:set>    
        <td class="tdcenter">${aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics["clientId"]}</td>    
        <td class="tdcenter">${aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics["instrumentStats"]["totalImntsCompleted"]}</td>  
        <td class="tdcenter">${aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics["instrumentStats"]["totalImntsRemaining"]}</td>

aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics is what i get from c:forEach is an object of type com.xyz.AggregatedBatchProgressMetrics and not a String, from the exception it treats that as an String object. I have getClientId method inside the bean. Also if i place the content of included jsp file as is (without directives and c:set tag) it works absolutely fine. Is there a way i can pass an object using jsp:param tag and on the recieving end i get it as an object?

Is it possible using jstl or i will have to use scriptlets/expression for the same?

Thanks, Almas

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please format your code properly –  Jigar Joshi Dec 9 '10 at 10:03
Please don't xml-escape your tags. It makes the code unreadable. –  BalusC Dec 9 '10 at 11:14

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HTTP request parameters are treated as strings. With jsp:param it's basically been converted to string by String#valueOf(). Rather store it as object in the request scope with help of <c:set>.

<c:forEach var="aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics" items="${batchProgressMetricsList}">  
    <c:set var="batchProgressMetrics" value="${aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics}" scope="request" />
    <jsp:include page="html/tableContentsDisplayer.jsp" />  

    <td class="tdcenter">${batchProgressMetrics["clientId"]}</td>    
    <td class="tdcenter">${batchProgressMetrics["instrumentStats"]["totalImntsCompleted"]}</td>  
    <td class="tdcenter">${batchProgressMetrics["instrumentStats"]["totalImntsRemaining"]}</td>
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Thanks a lot... that worked.. –  Almas Dec 9 '10 at 12:37

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