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I am trying to process the metadata information for an Entity Framework data model by using the MetadataWorkspace. I know how to extract all tables, but the following code will return me all views and all tables from the storage model.

using ( NorthwindEntities dbContext = new NorthwindEntities() )
    MetadataWorkspace workspace = dbContext.MetadataWorkspace;
    string temp = ( dbContext.Categories as ObjectQuery ).ToTraceString();
    IEnumerable<EntityType> tables = workspace.GetItems<EntityType>( DataSpace.SSpace );

When I take a look at the edmx file, I can see that there is an attribute named store:Type that describes which EntitySet is a table and which is a View. Such property is not esposed by the EntityType object:

<EntitySet Name="Invoices" EntityType="NorthwindModel.Store.Invoices" store:Type="Views">

So my question is: Is there a way to recognize which EntitySet is a table and which is a View by using only the MetadataWorkspace (I mean without processing the XML ;))

Thanks in advance

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After digging deeper in the EF MetadataWorkspace I believe I found a solution:

using ( AdventureWorksEntities dbContext = new AdventureWorksEntities() )
    MetadataWorkspace mw = dbContext.MetadataWorkspace;
    EntityContainer entityContainer = mw.GetItems<EntityContainer>( DataSpace.SSpace ).Single();
    EntitySet entitySet = entityContainer.GetEntitySetByName( "Location", true );
    string type = entitySet.MetadataProperties[ "" ].Value.ToString();

If I should be honest it is really difficult to work with the Entity Framework metadata. At least they should do strongly-typed properties.

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