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I try to modify the metabase of IIS6, I've cheched the checkbox to enable direct Metabase Edit.

I do my modification, I save and When I do iisreset my modifications are rollbacked.

What can I do?

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Direct metabase updates will be overwritten by flushing pending in-memory changes to disk after an IISRESET, controlled shutdown or IIS just flushing a change whilst running.

IIS isn't clever enough to detect and merge changes that may have happened in memory with changes that may have been the result of a direct edit on metabase.xml.

If you really need to edit the metabase directly, stop IIS first, do your edit then restart, that's the sure-fire way to ensure direct edits will persist.

Did you know that the adsutil.vbs script will allow you to modify pretty much any part of the metabase? This is a much safer and more reliable method than direct edits.

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Thanks you I didn't know adsutil.vbs I work great –  Christophe Debove Dec 9 '10 at 11:31

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