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My application is a TCP client that closely resembles the Boost.Asio chat client example.

I'm adding a few separate threads that call chat_client::write. Does this mean I would have to add a locking mechanism to do_write or handle_write? is there any recommended method?

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No, you do not need to lock it in that case (in general). The events will only be handled from threads that have an io_service running. If that is only one, no locking is required. post()'ing new messages to an io_service is already thread-safe from multiple calling threads.

In your specific example, you might want to take the chat_message by-value instead of by-reference, or it might go out of scope in the post()'ing thread before being used in the io_service thread.

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If you would need some sort of locking because of shared resources or whatever, you should have a look at strands.

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