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I am trying to optimise our Hyperic Enterprise Edition 4.5 installation for better performance.

I have written a few custom JSP's that extract the charts onto a big-tv display as a performance dashboard of sorts, but with 30 plus charts on a page and potentially 50 - 100 users auto-refreshing them every 60 seconds, it is putting a pretty specific performance demand on HQ server and the oracle db it runs on.

First step we took was to add a procedure to recalculate the table stats, every 6 hours and that has helped greatly. But now we have a lot of cache misses on MetricDataCache (like 300,000 when the cache size is 7710.

According to Hyperic documentation, the cache size should be set to the peak misses, and there is obviously a big difference in this specific cache.

Has anyone experience of working with ehcache and have some advice on optimisation? In this specific case what is the impact of raising the cache size to 300,000 on the system (in terms of CPU etc) or the application (perhaps in terms of the JVM and so on). Is it likely to have a negative effect or only positive?


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