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str = 'This is first line \n 2 line start from her\ Service Name: test \n some 4 line \n User Name: amit \n some something \n Last Name: amit amit \n

Basically What I am interested is getting the service name and user name. Should I user regular expression for doing this. I want to create a dict like

dict['service_name'] = 'test'
dict['user_name'] = 'amit'
dict['last_name'] = 'amit amit'

So what the best way of searching and getting the values.


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str = 'This is first line \n 2 line start from her\nService Name: test \n some 4 line \nUser Name: amit \n some something \nLast Name: amit amit \n'

The following code:

dict([line.split(':') for line in str.split('\n') if ':' in line])


{'Last Name': ' amit amit ', 'Service Name': ' test ', 'User Name': ' amit '}

You may want to change split(':') to split(':', 1) to avoid issues with colons on the right-hand sides. Additionally, you may want to sprinkle a few calls to strip if whitespaces are an issue.

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Add some strip()s and you are there IMO. – Lennart Regebro Dec 9 '10 at 11:51

It isn't very elegnat, but you can explode() the string into an array using 'Service Name:' as the separator.

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My mistake, thinking PHP function names not Python, you need split not explode. – Alan Whitelaw Dec 9 '10 at 12:13

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