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I am planning to replace a DLL file within the MSI file. Is there any way to do it without effecting the MSI installation

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First off, you might want to check out other alternatives than modifying the MSI directly. This is rarely a good way to go but you may have your reasons. For other options, check out MSDN on patches.

But if you are going to modify it directly, check out this blog entry. It explains how to use Orca, InstEdit, MSIdb, and IExpress to extract the CAB, decompress the CAB, replace the file, recompress and attach the CAB file back into the MSI.

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Try InstEdit from http://apps.instedit.com/, but i`m not sure if it is possible to replace file inside msi package. Also you can take a look at Microsoft Orca msi editor that comes with Windows SDK.

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