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i want to add an expiration date field to my custom content type in Drupal. it should specified by days (7-15-.... days after creating node) and after it reached the node should not display in site to visitors. but i need a renew option for it to allow creator renew it and activate it again.

is it too hard to impelmentation? how can i do it?

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Have you already tried searching for modules?

Here's one that might do the trick There are others as well,but maybe you should check them out to see which one fits your needs (or can be altered easily if needed).

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You can use Views to do that. Make a new View, specifically for a node or more nodes of that type, and put a filter on it with "Node:Updated". Then specify how many days you need.

You can create a View for the original poster and have him update the post, which will reset the counter.

A creative solution, but it should work.

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thanks wouter but the expiration date is different to each node and the poster specify it so i can't put a static day value for it in should get its value from another field of node. – hd. Dec 9 '10 at 13:27

Take a look at Node expire which sets up timers for nodes based on Rules. For a simpler approach, Scheduler can do it to. Both are linked from the Auto Expire module linked by wimvds, so there is some measure of duplication, though they do seem to have different approaches.

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The following code may be of interest. It's a small snippet from a module i've had to create to auto expire adverts on an intranet site. The nodes simply unpublish after a number of days you specify in the code so could be hidden from your site and then the author of the content could simply just re -publish the nodes if they needed to.

* Implementation of hook_cron().
function auto_unpublish_pages_cron() {

  //we only want to deal with all blog_post content type nodes
  $c_type = 'blog_post';

  //grab all nodes
  $c_nodes = node_load_multiple(array(), array('type' => $c_type));

  //setup time stamp for node expiry
  $message_search_data = strtotime('- 7 days'); 

  //now loop through nodes, & if they are old, expire them

  foreach ($c_nodes as $m) {
    $obj = entity_metadata_wrapper('node', $m);

    //check when was last updated and if its still published
    $last_update = $obj->changed->value();

    $published = $obj->status->value();

    //if it's still published & it's not recent, unpublish it
    if (($message_search_date > $last_update) && $published<>0) {
      $obj->status = 0;



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