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Given a number as 269 or 456.. how can I get the year, month and days using a single line sql function.. if possible?


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What is the link between 269 and 09 Dec 2010 please? –  gbn Dec 9 '10 at 13:03

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How about

SELECT DATEADD(day, 0, 456)

OK, seriously how about

SELECT  DATEADD(day, 0, 456) DateVal,
        DATEDIFF(year,0,DATEADD(day, 0, 456)) YearPart,
        DATEPART(month,DATEADD(day, 0, 456)) MonthPart,
        DATENAME(month,DATEADD(day, 0, 456)) MonthNamePart,
        DATEPART(day,DATEADD(day, 0, 456)) DayPart


DateVal                 YearPart    MonthPart   MonthNamePart   DayPart
1901-04-02 00:00:00.000 1           4           April           2
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But the sysntax is DATEADD (datepart , number , date ) ..so the last part should be date right and not a number.. well I donot have sql server at present to verify.. I will check it later –  priyanka.sarkar_2 Dec 9 '10 at 13:06

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