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How to get the current location using IP Address?

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You should tag this question with Android, that way, people only looking to answer Android questions will find it easier. –  Joakim Berglund Dec 9 '10 at 13:37

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Topic Obtaining user location over at http://developer.android.com covers obtaining location using the inbuilt functions in Android.

It also states this:

The Network Location Provider provides good location data without using GPS.


Restrict a set of providers

Depending on the environment where your application is used or the desired level of accuracy, you might choose to use only the Network Location Provider or only GPS, instead of both. Interacting with only one of the services reduces battery usage at a potential cost of accuracy.

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Why do you want to use ip address to find the location? IP Adress can give location info with country details only and also you are dependent on a webservice that does the geo location with IP which is less reliable and will work only if you have internet access. Also if you are connecting to a server in your app then you can just let the server do this which will be much faster.

You have GPS on the device which will give you the realtime user location in terms of lat and lon. You can follow the link in Joakim's answer

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