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I am trying to start a windows application from a windows Service using the below code


In windows 7 I receive a popup that says, "A program running on this computer is trying to display a message"

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have a look at the following link:

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You cannot start an interactive application from a Windows Service. This was changed in Windows Vista and 7.

Some other advice was given in this Stack Overflow answer on the same subject.

When I've needed to do this, I had to change my Windows Service to a Console Application, and invoked it in that manner.

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A work-around I found for this issue was to use the windows task scheduler. You can schedule the application to run some amount of seconds later by creating a batch file.

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could you give code sample? – Erçin Dedeoğlu May 31 at 9:35

At my previous company we had this issue and we wrote a console app that ran in the sys tray and acted as a bridge from the service to the desktop. Basically via remoting (I'd use WCF now of course) we let the service request that the console app start up another application.

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