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Here is an example of the file. Let's say I want to parse the 6th column values and store them in an array.

42    activityViewer/index.html   8a699fe62751d158dad57f6b9a3ae5a4    1291836592  4.1938788890839
4    activityViewer/index.html   ca0317343500ac35d46ca6b6bfe5918d    1291836592  4.224240064621
38    activityViewer/index.html   2a473f02e814896af9d20ad333dfd5c5    1291836592  4.2302849292755
9    activityViewer/index.html   ac3942ad87fb0ce3efb034cdfc3d4c79    1291836592  4.2612450122833
31    activityViewer/index.html   3497d90401e18483119b60a378bd8d27    1291836592  4.3139219284058
25    activityViewer/index.html   377b12a86f6bbde33dc89e94cacd5246    1291836592  27.90621805191
3    activityViewer/index.html   493bf2ba361b77d09305a14e9253322d    1291836592  29.722389936447
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You can do:

use strict;

my @arr;    
while(<>) {
        my @tmp = split/\t/;
        push @arr,$tmp[5];

and call the script as:

$ perl  file

See it

Alternatively you can treat the file as CSV with tab as the field separator and use an suitable CSV parser module.

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Split will be the simplest way

my @ary;
foreach my $line (split(/\n/, $full_text)) {
  my @l = split(/\t/, $line);
  push @ary, $l[5]
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Don't slurp willy-nilly. – Sinan Ünür Dec 9 '10 at 16:19

It looks like Is there a Perl module for parsing columnar text? has what you're looking for.

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similar, but i dont have "stacked" columns, my example is actually simple compared to the link you suggested, but thanks i also looked at it – kamal Dec 9 '10 at 14:49

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