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hello i have created a function:

CREATE FUNCTION FindDistrictId (@param XML)

which i want to use in a stored procedure like that:

    UPDATE Notices SET DistinctId = FindDistrictId(Notices.XmlContent)
    WHERE DistinctId = 0

I get 'FIndDistrictId is not a recognized built-in function name' when i try to do that. I thought that maybe i can't do Set field = function() but then i checked here and i think it should work.. any idea why it's not? The function is created for sure im my db, i checked sys.object

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You need to include the schema (owner if this is SQL 2000 or earlier) of the function on the call. By default, that would be dbo.

UPDATE Notices SET DistinctId = dbo.FindDistrictId(Notices.XmlContent)
WHERE DistinctId = 0
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I try doing that, but now the error is 'cannot find either column dbo or the user defined function or aggregate "dbo.FindDistrictID" or the name is ambigiuous'. However, this code: declare @temp xml set @temp = (select xmlcontent from Notices where NoticeId= 25647) print(dbo.FindDistrictId(@temp)) seems to work ok –  matt99 Dec 9 '10 at 14:40
my mistake, seems to work fine with your modification, thank you –  matt99 Dec 9 '10 at 14:45

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