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We have a webapp where people can upload various image file types and on the backend we convert them to a standard type (typically png or jpeg). Right now we are using ImageIO to do this. However the new requirement is to be able to support eps files. I haven't found any libraries that support EPS in ImageIO, or much in the way of support for reading eps files in java.

Any suggestions for reading eps files and converting them?

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jibble - - looks like it might do what I need. Anybody have experience using it? – harmanjd Jan 13 '09 at 19:03
1 is for EPS output, like so many other packages. – clacke Aug 2 '10 at 14:26
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I'm pretty sure ImageMagick (a C library) can do that (though I believe it requires GhostScript), and there's a JNI wrapper for ImageMagick called JMagick that allows access to ImageMagick from Java. If you can deal with JNI, JMagick might do the trick.

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What we ended up doing was calling the imagemagick command line tools directly instead of through JMagick. This appeared to be the easiest solution. – harmanjd May 1 '09 at 13:47

Freehep has a Java PostScript Viewer that you might be able to rework into a PS converter.

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Couple of weeks ago I've developped an EPS ImageIO plugin that could interest you :

Hope this could help!

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EPS is PostScript files with preview, IIRC. So basically you need a PostScript interpreter in Java. I doubt you will find many...

Perhaps a better approach is to call GhostScript from Java. It is probably the best free/open source PostScript interpreter/renderer around, it would be hard to beat it.

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