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I have this being created by my perl script.

    print qq|
            \$("input[value=$row[0]]").attr('checked', true);

Somewhere later, I have this, I want to reextract the $row[0] value but I am not sure how in jquery.

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    \$('#display_category').change(function() {
        var text = \$(this).val();

        \$('textarea[name^="category"]').each(function() {
            var foundvalue = \$(this).val();

            if (text == foundvalue)
                alert("FOUND HERE " + foundvalue);



how do i reextract the \d+ from category and use it in my if condition?

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So something like:

var num = $(this).attr('name').match(/\d+/g)[0];

or (I prefer this one):

var num = $(this).attr('name').replace(/[^\d]/g, '');

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/karim79/8r8vs/3/

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your example works but when i tried my code, my alert value is printing null –  Gordon Dec 9 '10 at 14:51
alert(\$(this).attr('name').match(/\d+/g)); i removed the match(\d+/g) and it reveals the category13 for example –  Gordon Dec 9 '10 at 14:52
Because you're extracting the value of the textarea, I think it's the name attribute you are after: $(this).attr('name'). –  karim79 Dec 9 '10 at 14:52
nevermind, forgot i was pasting my code into perl, had to backescape the "\" –  Gordon Dec 9 '10 at 14:52
@Gordon - also, match returns an array. Your code works because of implicit conversion, but I'll edit anyway. –  karim79 Dec 9 '10 at 14:55

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