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How to compare performance two kinds of coding or controls?. i really want to compare 2 kind of coding : first kind of coding : 2.065 ms second kind of coding : 3.065 ms

For example how to compare gridview filling sqldatasoursecontrol or linq method ?

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The System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch class is a high resolution timer useful for capturing performance metrics. Just start and stop it before and after what you are trying to get performance metrics from.

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For the most accurate results, you should use a Code Profiler. My personal favorite for .NET is RedGate's ANTS Performance Profiler.

That will not only show you how long things are taking, but where the bottlenecks are which will allow you to figure out how to fix them.

A less formal way would be to introduce some logging in your application using System.Diagnostics.StopWatch to time how long calls are taking. This won't give you nearly the level of detail about what exactly your code is doing though.

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You can use StopWatch class: before and after invoking action

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