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I have a file called one_to_many.txt. In the file is the data:


I want to use powershell to create 3 files a.txt, b.txt and c.txt

File a.txt to contain data "aaa", b to contain "bbb ...

I'm new to Powershell and can't work out how to do it. Thanks.

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One possible solution:

Get-Content one_to_many.txt | Foreach-Object {
  $fileName, $content = $_ -split ','
  $content | Set-Content "$fileName.txt"

Get-Content reads the file and returns lines, one by one. Each line is piped to Foreach-Object where it can be accessed as $_.

You need to split the line by comma, so invoke operator -split which returns in this case array of 2 items. The assignment $filename, $content = .. causes that content of first item in array (from -split) is assigned to $filename and the rest to `$content.

Then simply store that content in the file via Set-Content

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