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I'm trying to set up Recaptcha in my Ruby-on-Rails app (Rails 3), using Ambethia's plugin or gem. After I install the plugin or gem and set up my public and private keys in a config/initializers/recaptcha.rb, I use it like this:

show view where my form is displayed

<%=raw recaptcha_tags %>

controller where I need to check the recaptcha

if verify_recaptcha && @question.save
  flash[:error] = "Incorrect word verification. Are you sure you're human?"
  redirect_to :back

No matter what, 'verify_recaptcha' returns false and so the form posting doesn't succeed.

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check out this Rails 3 example:

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Just found the answer for my problem. I got wrong recaptcha because of timeout. In verify.rb there is a block where posting to API is proceeding, and it is depending on timeout, that can be set in params of verify() call. And I think that my inet is too slow that's why 3 wasn't enough. I called verify(:timeout => 50) and it worked perfectly.

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