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I have a jquery popup, which has a list of text boxes to insert phone numbers. The user can choose to add more text boxes if they want. Each time they add a text box, I am adding a jquery required validator like so:

$("#phoneNumberTxt" + i).rules("add", {
        required: true,
        messages: {
          required: "Phone number is required."

On the line with the text box, there are multiple text boxes. I am trying to pipe all the errors to a div to the left of all the text boxes (1 div per row). Is there a way to tell the above validator where to display the error message?

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I hope you already got the solution for this & i am too late to answer but still for sharing knowledge.

This is the solution:

We can not place errorPlacement in (.rules(“add”)) method.

    errorPlacement: function (error, element) {

            $("input[id^=elementId]").each(function(i) {
                if(element.attr('id') == 'elementId'+i) {

I hope this will help other.

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