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I have some troubles getting a class from an older packages been recognized by the S4 class definition. I keep on getting the error

Error in makePrototypeFromClassDef(properties, ClassDef, immediate, where) : 
  in making the prototype for class "Tsvmm" elements of the prototype failed to 
  match the corresponding slot class: dates (class "dates" )
In addition: Warning message:
undefined slot classes in definition of "Tsvmm": dates(class "dates") 

A reproducible example:


      data  = "data.frame",
      dates = "dates"
      data  = data.frame(),
      dates = chron(0)

When trying class(chron(0)), the answer is "dates" "times". using is.numeric(chron(0)), the answer is TRUE. Yet, when I set the class of slot dates as "numeric", I get the same error without the warning message.

I have the feeling I'm overlooking something obvious, but I couldn't find it in the documentation yet. Anybody any pointers?

PS: I know the chron package is at least peculiar, but I have good reasons to use this. Plus, the problem is likely to occur with other packages. See this as an example for a general question. So please, don't tell me to use the Date or POSIXt classes. That's a hack I'm using now.

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wowThatFunctionNameIsLong() – Joshua Ulrich Dec 9 '10 at 16:56

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It seems that you need setOldClass to make methods believe dates is a real class.

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bingo! thanks you – Joris Meys Dec 9 '10 at 23:18

I've got a similar problem because Gtk2 objects (e.g., Gtk2::GtkBuilder) are not S4 classes whereas I wanted one instance of such an object in my own code. I think I worked arround a the situation by removing the prototype() thing and using an "initialize()" method.

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