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I am a newbie of sharepoint 2007. And I am just a site admin.

Suppose I have a prj site, which I have to define 3 group of dates to Prj Task like the following - Original Start/End Date - Current Start/End Date - Actual Start/End Date However, with the default Gantt View setting, I can only to set one date group to have displayed in Gantt. Is there any method to have it done?


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You mean Gantt Charts? (I edited but then I saw it spelled that way three times, so I thought I might ask instead.) – John Dec 9 '10 at 17:10
Yes.. Gantt Charts.. I always misspell it. :) – J.C. Dec 9 '10 at 17:24
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I would suggest create 3 views with different dates thats the MAX you can achieve through OOTB feature

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