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In CDT's managed builder, how are individual files assigned to build configurations?

Specifically, how can I:

  • indicate that configuration A has to build and link sources from folders A and B, while configuraion B shall use folders A and C,
  • include sources (not headers) from a referenced project (or just any external source files?) to be also built and linked as a part of a given project?
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  • 1st point, assuming there are 3 folders A,B & C containing .cpp files, try this :
    select folder C in the 'project explorer' pane, right-click > exclude from build... > check configuration A > ok
    select folder B, right-click > exclude from build... > check configuration B > ok
    This way configuration A will ignore .cpp files from folder C and configuration B will ignore folder B.
  • 2nd point : maybe you could use import > general > file system to import source from an external folder into your project ?
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