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I've always used Python's timeit library to time my little Python programs. Now I'm developing a Django app and I was wondering how to time my Django functions, especially queries.

For example, I have a def index(request) in my which does a bunch of stuff when I load the index page. How can I use timeit to time this particular function without altering too much my existing functions?

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The debug toolbar is what you want, it helps you time each of your queries.

Alternatively this snippet works too.

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Nice, I installed and configured debug_toolbar, it's a nice feature to have from the start. – chiurox Dec 9 '10 at 18:52

if your django project is in debug, you can see your database queries (and times) using:

>>> from django.db import connection
>>> connection.queries

I know this won't satisfy your need to profile functions, but hope it helps for the queries part!

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