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I generally use firebug to remove unwanted divs and tags and resize stuff on the web-page .. frequently for gaming sites like chessbomb. But this is tedious, and every time tab reloads, i would have to do it all over again.

So is there any plugin which would remember the setting for particular site and apply it on the load itself. For starters i just need something to remove div tags based on names. If it can resize too then thats all the more useful.


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You can use Adblock Plus with some CSS selector usage to do this. Look at the doc related to this here.

For example, you could probably use something like


to hide those divs.

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This is a use case for the greasemonkey firefox plugin. You'll need to know a little javascript, but if you're doing these sorts of things in Firebug, I would assume you won't find greasemonkey too dofficult.

Have a look at http://www.greasespot.net/ and http://userscripts.org/ and you may even find someone has already written the script you're after.

To quote wikipedia on Greasemonkey:

Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to HTML web page content on the DOMContentLoaded event, which happens immediately after it is loaded in the browser (also known as augmented browsing).

As Greasemonkey scripts are persistent, the changes made to the web pages are executed every time the page is opened, making them effectively permanent for the user running the script.

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