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Is it possible to show compass blueprint grid to see its layout.

Here is the sample that I want to achieve:

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Alternatively, include the showgrid mixin (+showgrid in the original SASS syntax):


You do, however, need to generate the image for your particular grid flavor:

$ compass grid-img W+GxH [path/to/grid.png]
# Where:
# W = Width of 1 column in pixels.
# G = Width of 1 gutter in pixels.
# H = Height of the typographic baseline in pixels.
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with the latest compass version it isn't necessary to create the grid image cause compass shows it now with css3. – raskhadafi Jan 5 '12 at 11:17

Just add the class showgrid to your container

if you inspect element on that page and remove the showgrid class you'll see it disappear

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