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I am searching for a way to switch between my home's workgroup and my work's Domain.

I am sure that it can be done with some commands in batch/python language but I have no idea how to do it...

I'll be happy to get some help.. I heard good things about this site, will be happy to see those things come true :)

Thanks, Amihay

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Microsoft suggests that you use netdom. Note that the machine will have to restart (as it does whenever you change the workgroup).

For example, if you have a computer called mymachine that you want to switch the domain mydomain you would write:

netdom join mymachine /Domain:mydomain /reboot

See Also:

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First of all, thanks! But how do I return back to the workgroup? If i write the line "netdom join mymachine /Domain:mydomain /reboot" then mymachine will change it's workgourp to the domain "mydomain" but if I want to switch back, can i write "netdom join mymachine /Workgroup:HOME /reboot"?? –  Ami Winter Dec 10 '10 at 12:49
@Ami If I understand your follow-up question, then yes; mydomain was just a placeholder to indicate the domain to which you want to switch. –  grammar31 Jan 31 '11 at 18:04

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