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So I have an idea for something just for fun I want to try and was wondering if someone could give some insight whether it would be possible or not.

Basically, I want to try and use a UIDocumentInteractionController and place a clear overlay view over top of that that would serve as sort of a drawing board. Is this something feasible to do? I think it would be cool to try and make it so the user could circle part of the document and put a post it note on there to leave feedback.

I just need to know if anyone knows whether or not it's possible to add a view on top of a UIDocumentInteractionController window? Or perhaps there is a better solution? I am not looking for anyone to do this for me, just conceptual ideas. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. :D

EDIT: I know how to do all the things like handle touch events, view animation, all of that sort of stuff. I am just opening a conceptual question to the public kicking some ideas around...

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You can using insertSubview:aboveSubview: I wasn't sure if there is a way to access the docController's view, or anything similar... –  gabaum10 Dec 10 '10 at 14:04

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It's a nice idea however I don't believe you can achieve what you're shooting for.

After presenting its user interface, a document interaction controller handles all interactions needed to support file preview and menu display.

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Yeah I realize that. But I was wondering if you could insert a subview or something. But it doesn't look like it. I have an idea of using a modal view controller and present it over the document. Not really sure how the Document controller will respond. Would be interesting though... –  gabaum10 Dec 10 '10 at 14:07

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