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I wish to create (in the R language) a "decimal HTML decoder" such as the one implemented in this website:


But I'm not sure where to start, could someone propose any pointers on what to read/which translation table (or formula) to use?

My original motivation for this will be the decoding of Hebrew characters. (for example, the translation of something like this:


To this:



(hat tip goes to Matt Shotwell for the pointers)

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inp <- "&#x5E9;&#x5DC;&#x5D5;&#x5DD;"
nohash <- sub("#", "0", strsplit(inp, "&")[[1]])  # cvrt # to 0
# [1] ""       "0x5E9;" "0x5DC;" "0x5D5;" "0x5DD;"
strtoi( sub(";", "", nohash) )  # remove trailing ";" and cvrt to dec
# [1]    0 1513 1500 1493 1501

Edit the time has expired on adding to my comment so I'll add this link that seems to have a conversion table:

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Hello again DWin :) Thanks for this part. Do you know where there is a translation table between the numbers extracted, to the proper Hebrew characters? (what should be searched in google for this?) –  Tal Galili Dec 9 '10 at 20:45
I have enough problem keeping my Engrish and R straight ... but I'll try... see if this works: alanwood.net/unicode/hebrew.html Used the search string "html encoding hebrew text". Another site suggested these character sets: Hebrew (DOS) ##charset=DOS-862 Hebrew (ISO-Logical) ##charset=iso-8859-8-i Hebrew (ISO-Visual) ##charset=iso-8859-8 Hebrew (Mac) ##charset=x-mac-hebrew Hebrew (Windows) ##charset=windows-1255 –  BondedDust Dec 9 '10 at 20:53

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