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Does anyone have a complete code example for the jqTransformReset() for the jqtransform form? My ultimate goal is to add a reset button to the form and reset all form fields (especially checkboxes which I can't get to reset). Thanks in advance!

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whenever I call document.form.reset() I also call

$(".jqTransformCheckbox").each(function(){ if($(this).hasClass('jqTransformChecked')) $(this).removeClass('jqTransformChecked');});

seems to work fine.

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jqTransform wouldn't reset select boxes for me or check boxes, so I made this bit of code and it seems to work well. (I used nando's code for the checkboxs, thanks nando)

        if($(this).hasClass('jqTransformChecked')) {
    $('.jqTransform select').each(function(){
        var firstOpt = $(this).find('option:first-child');
        var firstVal = firstOpt.val();
        firstOpt.attr("selected", "selected");
        $(this).siblings('ul').find('li:first-child a').addClass('selected');
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