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I currently have the following includes at the top of all of my jsp files:

<%@ include file="inc/inc_cookie_login.jsp"%>
<%@ include file="inc/inc_protect_page.jsp"%>
<%@ include file="inc/inc_log_access.jsp"%>

The jsps have scriptlets that check for cookie and set a user object in the session if cookie exists, prevents access to the jsp unless a session has been set, write to a text file the User IP, name, page accessed, etc.,respectively.

The scriptlet approach above has worked fine but now that I have a better server set up and can utilize a web.xml file, I have been refactoring my app to best practices. The above is screaming FIXME! Should I be investigating listeners, filters, ?, or is my current approach adequate?

=== inc_cookie_login.jsp ====

<%@ page import="model.STKUser"%>
<%@ page import="model.STKUserCookie"%>
<%@ page import="data.STKUserDAO"%>

if ( request.getSession().getAttribute("STKUserSession") == null) {
    STKUserCookie userCookie = new STKUserCookie(request);
    String userBadge = userCookie.getUserID();
    STKUserDAO userDAO = new STKUserDAO();
    STKUser user = userDAO.getUser(userBadge);
    if (user != null) {
        request.getSession().setMaxInactiveInterval(36000); //set to 10 hours
        request.getSession().setAttribute("STKUserSession", user);
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This looks like a good one to be replaced by a filter. Create the filter class and ref it with a pattern in your web.xml. Scriptlets should not be used unless all other options have been reasonably exhausted.

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wouldn't a listener of a new HTTP Session creation be a better choice for a cookie login? It seems over kill to keep checking if STKUserSession is null on every page access. It should be doen once per visitor, right? –  jeff Dec 10 '10 at 17:12
It should be once per visitor if you can guarantee that it will be there if the session is not null. You could end up with a valid session that does not contain STKUserSession depending on implementation. But in general, yeah, I'd agree that a listener on a new session could be better. –  Rich Hill Dec 14 '10 at 19:06
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